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Adoption Solicitors

Our adoption solicitors can assist with both domestic and overseas adoptions with professional and trusted legal and practical advice.
Specialist adoption solicitors to guide you through the legal elements of adoption

If you are considering adopting a child, you’ll need specialist adoption solicitors by your side to help you navigate what can be a complicated, stressful and at times protracted process.

Understandably adoption can be a lengthy and complex process where rigorous checks carried out by local authorities to ensure that prospective adoptive parents are suitable to have a child placed in their care.

If you’re adopting for the first time, whether as an individual or couple, having an insight into both the local authority process and legal ramifications is essential. A specialist adoption solicitor will help you to navigate the process, ensuring that you know the best way to proceed and to meet any of the challenges and potential obstacles that may cross your path.

Our experienced and professional family lawyers are on hand to support you and help you to understand how the law works in relation to adoption both here in the UK and overseas.

How can our adoption solicitors help your family?

If you are considering adoption through a local authority, understanding potential issues with professional legal advice can help you prepare for the road ahead. Adoption is a major decision and significant family milestone so, the more information and the better informed you can be, the smoother the process will run. The law surrounding the adoption of children from abroad for example is particularly complex, with many repercussions should the process not be carried out to the letter despite the best intentions of the adults involved.

Our adoption solicitors can assist with both domestic and overseas adoptions with professional, trusted and reliable legal advice, delivered with full knowledge of case law and your interests at heart. We’re able to help in a range of areas, including:

  • Assisting with domestic adoptions where the child has been placed by the local authority
  • Helping the legal entry of a child into England from abroad for the purpose of adoption
  • Working through foreign adoption orders to ensure that they are able to be recognised in England
  • Advising potential adopters to discover if they are entitled to adopt a child in England
  • Offer routes and options for British nationals living abroad who wish to adopt in their country of residence.
How much do adoption solicitors cost?

Our experienced family lawyers and adoption solicitors understand that no two cases are the same and require different levels of legal help and support.

The best way of assessing the cost of legal adoption advice is to talk to the experienced team at Berris Law. Call us on 020 3325 7415 today to discuss your individual circumstances.


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