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Child Arrangement Orders

Child Arrangement Order Solicitors

Having a solicitor by your side from the start of a Child Arrangement Order case gives you the best chance of a positive outcome.
Supporting clients through Child Arrangement Orders

If parents cannot decide who a child should live with and how often the other party will see them, it isn’t unusual for child arrangement orders to be put in place.

A child arrangement order is the new term for what was formerly known as Residence and Contact Orders. The family court can help decide on which parent the child will live with or if they are to be spending equal time with both parties where parents have failed to reach an agreement outside of the court arena.

Who can apply for a child arrangement order?

Anyone may apply to the court for permission to seek a Child arrangement Order, but several categories have automatic right to apply without needing to obtain permission. These are:

  • Parents or guardians
  • An adult with a Residence Order for the child (or a “living with” order)
  • A responsible adult who holds parental responsibility for the child
  • An adult who the child has lived with for upwards of three years
  • A non-biological parent who is a parent through marriage/civil partnership
  • A person who has gained permission from any of these people (this could be through a Will on the death of a parent or person with parental responsibility)
How can Berris Law help me and my child?

Child Arrangement Orders are often emotionally charged and can cause stress for all parties, so having a specialist solicitor with experience in this area of law can help reduce anxiety and put forward your case in the best possible light for the court to consider.

Having a solicitor by your side from the start of a Child Arrangement Order case gives you the best chance of a positive outcome. Get in touch with the Berris Law today on 020 3601 505 if you wish to apply for, or are facing, a Child Arrangement Order.


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