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Domestic Abuse

Specialist Domestic Abuse Solicitors

Domestic abuse cases are unfortunately common and can range in behaviours including physical violence, which brings with it further complications and dangers.

We understand that getting away from an abuser is seldom as simple as it may seem from the outside, as there are both emotional and practical issues to be addressed. This is where our experienced domestic abuse solicitors can help you break ties without danger and access reliable, robust legal support.

It is always best to seek a team who are experienced in family law, as they have the expertise to both handle the issue practically, and also to help you as you move on with your life. When children are involved, as they often are, our experienced domestic abuse solicitors will also be able to help you navigate these complex issues as a family.

By contacting a family law solicitor, you are taking the first critical step in living a healthier life. This is a brave step and one which our legal team will never underestimate. At the Berris Law, we view all of our clients as individuals and we review their circumstances, wants and needs with care, talking them through their options as we progress with any legal action or practical steps on the journey ahead.

How can our domestic abuse solicitors help?

Domestic abuse solicitors can help in a number of both practical and personal ways, helping you to not only escape the cycle of abuse, but also to handle other related issues which may arise as a result of your case.

An experienced domestic abuse solicitor will not only help you to obtain justice but will also be able to help you with things such as housing and community support, ultimately helping the abuse victim to commence with a happier, freer life away from the perpetrator.

The involvement of children means that emotions may well be heightened. We’re here to offer you your family the support and legal guidance you need to break away from the abusive situation and move forwards.

What if I can’t afford legal representation?

Depending on your circumstances and means, you may be eligible for representation via Legal Aid. This system ensures that you do not need to have limitless funds available to receive the best possible legal care.

If you need to speak with our domestic abuse solicitors now, please call us on 020 3325 7415. We treat all enquiries individually and your details are confidential.


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