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Parental Responsibility

Parental Responsibility Solicitors

In the United Kingdom and the nations of the European Union, parental responsibility refers to the rights and privileges which underpin the relationship between the children and the children's parents and those adults who are granted parental responsibility by either signing a 'parental responsibility agreement' with the mother or getting a 'parental responsibility order' from a court.

Parental responsibilty encompasses everything from consenting to your child undergoing a medical treatment to deciding on their education.

Mothers automatically have parental responsibility. Married fathers also automatically have parental responsibility, which is not lost when divorced. However, an unmarried father, step-father or step-mother do not have automatic parental responsibility, neither do grandparents or other relatives.

Unmarried fathers may obtain parental responsibility if they are named on the childs birth certificate. There are rare occasions where a parent or Guardian have given parental responsibility to individuals named in a will this is otherwise known as testamentary guardianship.

Whether seeking to come to an appropriate solution for children arrangements or otherwise handling the best interests of a child, it is essential to be guided by someone with specialist expertise in the area of parental responsibility laws as early as possible.

There are many instances where an individual may wish to obtain parental responsibility, to ensure that a child is properly cared for by the appropriate person. This can be done by entering into a parental responsibility agreement or gaining a parental responsibility order directly from court.

In all circumstances it is advisable to obtain legal guidance from experienced solicitors specialising in parental responsibility law to help you through what can be a complicated and difficult process.

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What if I can’t afford a solicitor?

If you can’t afford a solicitor to guide you in matters of parental responsibility, you may qualify for legal aid. This system is in place to ensure that everyone has access to professional legal representation, regardless of their financial circumstances. Although thus area of law was hit by the LASPO cuts and is subject to strict requirements.

Applications are assessed on a case by case basis, involving both means testing and merits of your proposed legal application. All applications remain confidential.

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