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Protests and Public order

Protest & Public Order offences lawyers

With the recent Extinction Rebellion, Black Lives Matters, Lockdown and Brexit protests across the UK the spotlight has increasingly focused on how the police and authorities have managed these gatherings and rights that you have to demonstrate free of interference.

Fundamentally, we have the right to protest and the authorities must respect that, however, there are occasions when peaceful protests go awry and you may unwittingly get caught up in the events and are arrested and detained.

If you have been arrested at a protest or are planning to attend a protest where you believe you might be arrested, it is important to understand your legal rights, what happens when you get arrested, the types of charges you could face and your legal defence options.

A criminal conviction could have a significant effect on your life, including your job prospects, further education options and ability to travel abroad. Having the right legal support can help you to avoid criminal charges or minimise the penalties on conviction, reducing the long-term impact on your life.

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