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Serious Fraud

Serious Fraud lawyers

Serious fraud, business crimes and financial crimes are being actively pursued by prosecutors and regulators.

If you or your business is suspected of financial crime, serious fraud or business (also known as white-collar crime) then you will need specialist legal advice from the outset as to how to deal with the authorities and challenge any demands they make. Our expert serious fraud solicitors can be contacted on 020 3325 7415.

Why do you need specialist advice if you have been accused of serious fraud?

You may need specialist advice on restraint of assets and potential confiscation proceedings which can be very damaging to your business. You need to know your reputation and business will be robustly defended by nationally recognised experts. At Berris Law, our specialist team of serious fraud solicitors understand the damage that can be caused to a person’s reputation and have defended directors, professionals, senior management and large high-profile cases. Discretion is paramount and we can help you to manage any potential adverse publicity. Crisis management is often as difficult as the allegation itself and we can help minimise the damage that adverse publicity can do.

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FREE legal advice is also often available for serious fraud offences.

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